Calling Features


Call recording

Record every inbound and outbound call automatically, providing you with the ability to listen to past conversations at your convenience. This feature is crucial for maintaining quality standards, training staff, and reviewing important discussions, ensuring your communication remains top-notch.


Three-Way Calling

Our three-way calling feature simplifies adding a third party to your conversations, making group discussions effortless. It's an invaluable tool for enhancing collaboration and streamlining decision-making processes by allowing all relevant parties to converse simultaneously.


Voicemail Transcription

PhoneEasy offers voicemail transcription for every user at no additional cost. This convenient feature transforms voicemail messages into text automatically, enabling you to quickly scan through important messages without having to listen to each one, optimizing your productivity.


HD Voice Quality

Experience unparalleled call clarity with HD voice quality on all your business calls. This feature ensures every conversation is crystal clear, eliminating misunderstandings and promoting a professional image for your business.


Customizable Caller ID

Enjoy the flexibility of selecting the displayed number when making calls, whether it's the main company line, a departmental number, or a personal extension. This customization enhances your business's branding and ensures the context of the call is clear to the recipient.


Call Waiting

With call waiting, you’ll be alerted to incoming calls even while engaged in another conversation. This feature ensures you never miss an important call, providing the flexibility to prioritize and manage your communications effectively.

Advanced Call Routing


Call routing

PhoneEasy's call routing capabilities are designed to optimize your customer's calling experience, ensuring efficiency and satisfaction. Through a suite of advanced features, your business can manage calls effectively, no matter the volume.


Unlimited teams

Create unlimited teams and departments. Use multi-level IVR's to get the calls to the right department and right team.


Multi-level IVR

Configure a multi-level Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system with ease, directing each caller to the appropriate team or individual. This powerful tool ensures a smooth navigation process for your callers, reducing frustration and connecting them with the help they need promptly.


Business Hours

Gain full control over when and how you receive calls with customizable business hours. Our intuitive interface allows you to set specific hours for each of your phone numbers, ensuring that your team is available at the times most convenient for your business and customers.


Hunt Group

Distribute incoming calls efficiently with our hunt group feature, which rings multiple agents simultaneously. This ensures that calls are answered promptly and by the most available or suitable team member, enhancing responsiveness and customer service.


On hold music

Personalize your callers' waiting experience by uploading your own music or selecting from our collection. This feature helps maintain a pleasant holding experience, reflecting your brand's personality and keeping callers engaged.

Empowering Team Collaboration


Team Features

PhoneEasy is dedicated to enhancing team communication and collaboration with a suite of intuitive features. By integrating these tools, your team can stay connected, informed, and productive, fostering a collaborative work environment.


Instant Messaging

Our built-in instant messenger facilitates seamless communication within your team. This feature ensures quick and efficient exchange of information, enabling team members to discuss projects, share updates, and resolve queries in real-time, directly contributing to a more connected and dynamic work environment.


Team Summary

Stay on top of your team's performance with comprehensive data insights. Our team summary feature provides a clear overview of key metrics, allowing you to make informed business decisions. By monitoring performance trends and metrics, you can identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement, ensuring your team operates at its full potential.



With PhoneEasy, sending and receiving unlimited text messages is straightforward, ensuring your team can communicate effectively without limitations. This SMS feature supports quick exchanges of information, alerts, and updates, ensuring everyone stays informed and connected, regardless of their location.


Team Collaboration

Promote a culture of collaboration with our one-click dialing feature. This allows PhoneEasy users within the same company account to easily call each other, streamlining communication and facilitating teamwork. Whether it's coordinating on projects, setting up meetings, or sharing immediate updates, our team collaboration feature simplifies these interactions, enhancing productivity and cohesion among team members.


Shared Contact Lists

Easily access and manage shared contact lists within your team, ensuring everyone has up-to-date information on clients, partners, and other key contacts. This centralized approach to contact management not only saves time but also enhances collaboration by ensuring that all team members can quickly reach out to external stakeholders without the need to search for or request contact details, streamlining both internal and external communication efforts.

Manage Evertyhging Online


Admin Portal

The PhoneEasy Admin Portal is your centralized hub for managing all aspects of your phone system efficiently and effortlessly. Tailored for administrators, this portal provides the control and flexibility needed to oversee your communication infrastructure, from number porting to team management.


Port Numbers

With PhoneEasy, transitioning to our platform is seamless. You can port your existing numbers over to the PhoneEasy platform at no extra charge, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal disruption to your business operations.


Toll-Free Number

Offer your prospects and customers a convenient and cost-effective way to reach you with a toll-free phone number. Available across the US and Canada, this feature enhances your business's accessibility and customer service experience.


Manage Teams

Our intuitive admin portal allows you to add, manage, or delete teams instantly, with no need to wait for assistance from a phone service representative. This autonomy empowers you to make real-time adjustments as your business evolves, ensuring your communication setup always aligns with your current needs.


Manage Teammates

Just as you can manage teams, the admin portal also gives you the capability to add, manage, or delete teammates. This functionality allows for quick updates to your team's composition, reflecting changes in real-time without any dependency on external support.


Manage Numbers

Within the admin portal, you have the ability to manage your phone numbers with ease. Assign numbers to different teammates, disconnect or reserve numbers as needed, and much more. This level of control ensures your organization's communication structure is always optimized for your operational requirements.

Office Desk Phone


Desk Phones

Even in the era of mobile and cloud communications, the familiarity and reliability of desk phones remain invaluable for many businesses. PhoneEasy seamlessly integrates traditional telephony with our advanced communication platform, offering support for Yealink devices. This blend of classic and contemporary ensures that businesses not restricted by the latest trends can still enjoy the full benefits of PhoneEasy's features.


Purchase Yealink Devices

Understanding the unique needs of every business, PhoneEasy provides the option to purchase Yealink desk phones. These devices are perfect for businesses that prefer the tangible reliability of a traditional office phone while still benefiting from the advanced features of a modern phone system. Whether it's for executive offices, reception desks, or call centers, our range of supported Yealink phones ensures that every call is clear, reliable, and professionally managed.


Effortless Phone Management

Within PhoneEasy's platform, managing your desk phones becomes a breeze. Administrators can assign devices to different team members, reassign them to various company numbers, or make any necessary adjustments with just a few clicks. This flexibility allows for quick adaptations to changes within your team or organizational structure, ensuring your communication network is always aligned with your operational needs.


Need clarification?

How do you guarantee quality in your service?

Quality is non-negotiable for us. PhoneEasy exclusively uses Tier A carriers for all communications in the most expensive and reliable data center in the country; Equinix, ensuring your business enjoys reliable and clear connections. We understand the critical role communication plays in your success, which is why we don't compromise on quality.

Are there any setup fees or hidden contracts?

There are no set up fees, cancellation fees or contracts. In telecommunication it is industry standard that Compliance fees, Regulatory Fees, Jurisdiction specific taxes will get added. The amount varies but it's usually around $5 per user and the same rule applies with all companies.

Can I transfer my current phone number to PhoneEasy?

Yes, number porting to PhoneEasy is completely free. We support both individual and bulk porting requests, ensuring a smooth transition to our platform. Once you sign up, you'll easily find the option to start the porting process in your account.


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